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Role Playing Gains

Role Playing Gains

Fitness Games

Welcome to our text based fitness games! Our goal is to make getting active fun and engaging. I hope you enjoy theses games and there will be more to come in the future!

Video Games:

Fitness Dungeon Adventure

Tabletop Games:
Deck of Cards Workout

Dice Workout

When building your own workout for the dice and card games, it’s important that you get a full body workout to maintain balance. So when picking exercises I recommend including each of the following:

Arm dominant plank exercises - these are exercises where you use your arms in the plank position and include: Push ups, shoulder taps, plank rows, plank reaches, plank thigh taps, dolphin planks, and high plank toe touches. You can modify any of these exercises on your knees to reduce the difficulty.

Leg dominant plank exercises - These are exercises where you use your legs in the plank position and exercises include: Mountain climbers, Spiderman climbers, cross body climbers, plank glute kickback, and plank toe taps. If these exercises are too difficult, I’d recommend lying on your back and trying leg dominant crunch exercises such as: Reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, straight leg raises, and flutter kicks.

Back exercises - These are exercises that work your back muscles and they include: Reverse snow angels, swimmers, Supermans, wall elbow presses, and prone scapular retractions.

Leg exercises - These are exercises that work your legs that include: squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts, side lunges, sumo squats, and glute bridges.

If you have equipment that you want to use such as weights, find exercises that work your chest, back, abs, and legs. Experiment with different movements and exercises and see what you enjoy! Have fun!

Walking Scavenger Hunt
Walking is a great way to start out with exercise. To mix up your walks day to day I like to use randomization, so that’s where the dice come in. The idea of the scavenger hunt is to make a list of things to find while you are on your walk. Instead of something that will always be there, like a park bench, pick a variable that will be different everyday, like “person in a hat”. Once you’ve made a list of things to search for, assign them each to a number 1 to 6, then roll 2 dice. One will be the variables that you are looking for and the other will be how many of that variable you are looking for (ex. You roll a person with a hat on one dice and 3 on the other dice, you will set out to find 3 people with hats). For starters roll the dice one or two times to get an idea of how long it will take, then up the number of rolls from there to find the length that works for you!

Sample Hunt:
1 = Person walking a dog
2 = Squirrel
3 = Minivan in motion
4 = Person riding a bike
5 = Pedestrian with red shirt
6 = Parks worker

Deck of Cards Variation:
The same thing can be done with a deck of cards, but assign the variables to a suit. Then, the number on the card will be how many of that variable you are looking for. Face cards continue up from ten: Jack=11, Queen=12, and King=13. Shuffle the deck, draw 5 cards, then start searching!

Other tools:

Dice Roller